Reality is myth. math and metaphor. The true mission for any soul is to realize that they are consciousness exploring a physical experience that is evolving. You are not a physical being trying to have a spiritual experience.
Our souls are experiencing in a virtual reality program that had a beginning and rapidly approaches its end, hence the Age of Technology and Spiritual Awareness.
Your mission is to create balance, above and below, within and without, by healing your issues then helping others. Once achieved, your frequency is raised, you create balance, you psychic abilities and powers evolve, and you are ready to understand the alchemy of time and consciousness. You await the journey home and the reunion with your twin flame who waits for you above.

Spiritual monk can.....
Remove the fear of death.
Comfort the bereaved.
Demonstrate the truth of survival & communication.
Give healing to the sick and hope to the lonely.
Reveal a new meaning and purpose to life.